Asia – the economic engine of the world

Sydney: what an unbelievable city! Nowhere in the world work can be combined easier with leisure. The followed trip to Asia was the absolute opposite. Business means everything.

The 2 1/2 weeks in Australia and ASydney sunsetsia also have calmed me, what concerns the economic development within the next years. This region has not lost the dynamic of the past. The economic overheating has come into a normal condition.  The time was used very appropriately to carry out many necessary restructurings. In numerous conversations with colleagues and businessmen I have get back my optimism which sometimes can be lost in Europe. We should trust on our strength from our experiences and traditions. The year 2010 was always an expression for future visions. Now it is 2010: what is the new vision? The speed of the recession was enormous but do we have the vision that the speed of growth can be equal?

Of course the finance market also must be reformed in Asia but the governments are significant further in the enforcement of the regulation of this sector. Perhaps all states come to the result that private market rules are not suitable for the financial field. The weakness of a public control system was obviously in the financial crisis. Probably it is better to nationalize important parts of the financial field instead to supervise them.

The many new contacts in the region will be the reason in the near future that we can win new members for AUREN or ANTEA. Unusual successes can be achieved in all regions of the world by a cooperation of high performance service companies.

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