Business Trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil (November 2009)

Together with the president of AUREN Latinamerica (Fernando Tezanos) I was visiting Sao Paulo from 24th until 27th November, 2009. In cooperation with the German chamber of commerce in Sao Paulo we arranged 17 meetings with different companies of our business field in Sao Paulo and Rio.

We had also a meeting with IBRCON, the most important organization for accountants in Brazil. I met the current president Ana Mario Elorrieta. She shares our philosophy because she’s also convinced that the market in Brazil is big enough for everyone.

The economic development of Brazil is impressive. Particularly the area of Sao Paulo has improved the economic situation enormous over the last years. For AUREN as a multidisciplinary adviser for medium sized firms is it essential to be present in Brazil. The structure of the advisory market is more or less similar as in the other AUREN countries. The market is currently dominated by the BIG FOUR companies and a few local firms. The medium sized companies basically owned by Brazilian families are the over proportional winner of the economic development. For the future there will be a need and demand for services and advisers with the same capability and flexibility. The perspective for a company like AUREN is absolutely positive.

The impact of the economic and financial crisis is significantly weaker as in Europe or in the USA.

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