AUREN Family Day Buenos Aires November 28th 2009

AUREN Family day Copia de DSC_0943This year I attended the AUREN’s family day in Buenos Aires. The whole staff with their families were invited to this event and more than 100 people have come. In the philosophy of AUREN Buenos Aires the family has an important role. This behaviour gives the word family business a absolute new meaning. A business which is not only owned by families. It’s a business which is also working for families.

The atmosphere of this corporate culture was feelable during the whole event. It was a very interesting experience for me. How to create a unique company. Profitable, efficient, successful but also fully concerned about the responsibility for the society. The staff was extremely proud to be part of AUREN.

We think about it in Germany how we can use this experience for our own strategy. For me it is one of the key success factors in the future how the clients, the staff and the public see a company. AUREN Buenos Aires is a very good example for this new style of leadership. Congratulations to my friends in Buenos Aires!

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