2nd EMEA Conference of ANTEA in Prague, 30th April 2010

The European Conference of ANTEA took place in Prague this year on April 30th. More than 60 participants from different European countries have discussed the entire day the international developments in our profession.PICT0068

Of course the economic crisis also has achieved our profession. However, the impacts are very different in the several countries. Furthermore the consequences of the economic crisis differ in the various business fields.

Particularly the M&A market went down significantly in 2009. In 2010 the first positive signs are appearing. But the turnover records of 2007/2008 are far away.

This is more or less a typical situation for the whole consulting market. The service firms have to be very innovative. New services are in the focus of medium sized firms like financial restructuring or corporate social responsibility.

The core services (tax, audit, legal) are still the rock in the surf. This kind of services is always a need of medium sized companies. Some colleagues reported about price discussions but not very significant.

A representative of the German Chamber of Commerce explained the economic situation of the Czech Republic after the crisis. The economic development of the Czech Republic was very positive since they became a EU member. The crisis hits the Czech economy heavily. It takes probably years to reach the economic level before the crisis

The conference was again a proof how important nowadays an international alliance is. The challenge of a crisis is easier to overcome. The exchange of best practice models and new services is a big benefit for the members. Competitors without a international link will have problems in the near future. Worldwide business activities are essential for European companies. The European market is too small for a significant growth. Therefore the medium sized firms need partners with a high performance network.PRAGA 025

We are very proud that we have set-up ANTEA just within 2 years. Currently we have 162 offices in more than 40 countries. We expect a lot of new members in the next months. Our focus is on Scandinavia and some other European Countries. Furthermore we have a deep interest in new members in India and also Australia.

I look forward to seeing the ANTEA partners again at the worldwide conference in Buenos Aires on October, 22nd.

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