The development of AUREN Brazil

During the last worldwide conference of AUREN International we have decided to expand AUREN in selected countries. Brazil is one of the most important countries for AUREN.

The target of our first visit to São Paulo in November 2009 (Fernando from AUREN Buenos and I) was an analysis of the Brazilian market. We also held first conversations with potential candidates. This has shown us that the Brazilian market is very similar. An unusual feature is the strict separation of the legal services from the auditing. Furthermore is conspicuous that the law firms also offer a very comprehensive tax consultancy. We have decided nevertheless to put the focus in the further conversations on audit firms.

For this reason we have gone again from March 3rd to 8th to São Paulo. Sao Paulo is the most important economic area in Brazil.  Of course I would like to look for new members in Rio de Janeiro personally. Fernando always tells me how beautiful it is in Rio. Sao Paulo is the opposite of the expectations of Europeans in Brazil. But on the other hand the people of Sao Paulo are very friendly and business orientated. That’s the reason why we are there.  

The conversations with the interested service firms have proceeded very positively. A further meeting has already taken place in Frankfurt on April 1st, 2010. Antoni Gomez from Barcelona has also taken part in this meeting. This interested company is located in Sao Paulo and has further intensive international contacts to other service firms. Therefore he can be very valuable for our future international development.

The strategic international development of AUREN is an important success factor for our future development. Every country and with that every location profits from a strong international presence.IMG00205-20100307-2006

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